The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is an upgrade of the ProForm Pro 5000. It has one of the most advanced technologies that treadmill could have. The treadmill has great speed and inclines setting. It is quite unmatched from the other versions of Pro Series. This is our ProForm Pro 9000 review. It has everything that you need to know about ProForm Pro 9000before you purchase the treadmill.

ProForm Pro 9000 Treadmill Review

Without any further ADO let’s get started with ProForm Pro 9000 folding treadmill review.

Design and safety features

The ProForm Pro 9000 has been designed to make your cardiovascular muscle stronger. It is going to allow you to do effective workouts. The treadmill features 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial motor. This motor is very powerful for a home treadmill. So you can be assured that you can enjoy a high level of performance from the treadmill.

The treadmill has been built up with strong components. It has a large frame which is very strong because of the high-quality composition material.

There is an internal cooling system in the treadmill for reducing the wear and tear of parts. It also helps to reduce the vibration that happens in the treadmill.

When you turn on the motor of the treadmill the dynamically spin-balanced assembly system create a high level of inertia. As a result, when there is a transition of speed it happens almost without any difficulty. You can barely feel the transition in speed.

The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill has a large running area of 22 inches in width and 60 inches in length. This area is one of the largest that you can enjoy on the runway for treadmills.

The large runway feature also means that it is going to take up more space when you use the treadmill. However, a large running surface means that you will be able to enjoy greater freedom for moving on the treadmill. So if you are taller then 6 feet it is also ok for you.

The incline and decline feature of ProForm Pro 9000 is totally mind-blowing. It can incline up to 15%. And the decline can go down to 3%. It is one of the widest range of incline and decline that any treadmill offers.

Because of the large range of incline and decline, you will be able to focus on a large group of muscles in your lower body. When you increase the incline then your hamstring and glute muscles are going to be worked on. And when you turn on the decline mode then you will be working on your quadriceps and calves muscle.

When you increase the incline you are going to burn a lot more calories. If you are burning a lot of calories then you are going to lose weight faster. Also, build up and down up a lot more muscles.

The motor that you get with the treadmill can rotate the rollers at speed up to 12 mph. When the tread belt is rotating at high speed you will also have to run at high speed as well. As a result, you will be burning more calories.

Running on the treadmill at high speed is comfortable because of large motor and faster flywheel gear ratio. There are also in home efficiency booster. It is going to reduce the amount of electricity used by the treadmill. With the ProForm Pro 9000 folding treadmill not only will you be burning a lot of calories but also save electricity.

When your feet touch the tread deck you will feel that you are getting less impact in your joints. It is because of the suspension system that has been integrated to the deck. Because of this system, you will be feeling less stress on your feet and ankles. As a result, in the long run, your joints are going to remain safe.

There are also 2.5 inches machined balanced rollers used between the belt and the running deck of the treadmill. It is quite larger than the 1.9-inch rollers. That is the size of the rollers that you get with the affordable ProForm treadmills.

These rollers do a great job at reducing the tension. As a result, the belt lasts a very long time. Because of these large rollers, the beard will also stay stable and it will not move sideways.

Safety features

The folding treadmill ProForm Pro 9000 has a child safety password. And until and unless you are entering the 4 digit password the console on the treadmill will not operate.

The extra safety feature of the treadmill is that it has a safety screen timeout. So when the console of the treadmill does not receive any interaction for a while then it will reset itself. And the tread belt of the treadmill will not move for a long time.

The treadmill also has many standard features for safety. Like it has set of handrails and also the side rails on both sides of the treadmill. These allow you to remain balanced on the treadmill while you run. So there is no risk of falling down.

The treadmill also features a clip system. You have to connect one end of the clip to your clothing. And also connect another end to the console of the treadmill. When the clip gets detached from the console the treadmill will automatically stop. As a result, you will not fall down.

These amazing combination of features that you get from ProForm Pro 9000 is totally a great deal. You do not generally get search features even from the most premium brands of the treadmill.

Display console design

The ProForm Pro 9000 has a full-color 10-inch touch screen. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the screen. As a result, you are never going to get bored. There are also options for you to check your social media accounts while you run on the treadmill. As the touchscreen of the treadmill can connect to the internet.

While running on the treadmill it is very easy to check your workout data and also be entertained. It is because of the multifunctional touchscreen.

The data that you get from the multifunctional touch screen about your workout is data like speed, distance, heart rate, incline or decline and also the number of calories that you have burnt. You can even listen to your favorite music while running on the treadmill by connecting your iPod or MP3 player. There are acoustic speakers integrated to the console of the treadmill. These speakers give out a high-quality sound.

There is also a tablet holder at the top of the console. It has been set at such a level that you do not face any difficulty to keep an eye on it while you jog.

The ProForm Pro 9000 has iFit enabled. So you can access unlimited workouts from your subscription. You can even track your growth by uploading the data to your profile.

The console has a sharp look to it. And it feels very much comfortable to use it. There are quick select buttons for selecting a workout program among the program categories. There are also quick select buttons for changing the best speed, incline or decline, iFit workout programs and also for adjusting the speed of the CoolAire fan.

The treadmill also has storage space for water bottles. It will allow you to keep your water bottle and drink from it when you are thirsty. So there will be no interruption in your workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The treadmill will allow you to monitor your heart rate at a high accuracy. It is very important for you to keep track of your heart rate for any physical exercise.

There are sensors at the handles on the treadmill. When you hold these sensors it is going to give data to the console of the treadmill. However, these sensors are not great for getting heart rate monitoring for a long time.

ProForm Pro 9000 has touch sensors for measuring heart rate. However, it can also support wireless chest straps for heart rate monitoring.

The wireless heart rate chest straps are very good at getting accurate data. These data are there transferred to the console of the treadmill.

Using the chest strap heart rate monitor is very convenient. Because if you use it then you will not have to keep on holding the static handles of the treadmill. If you keep on holding the hands then it is not going to allow you to replicate the natural running motion. And if you cannot replicate the natural running motion then you are not going to perform very well.

Workout Programs and User Profiles

The treadmill ProForm Pro 9000 is a top-notch treadmill on the market. It includes a lot of features of the very best treadmills that you can find on the market. And it also has extra features that most premium treadmills do not have.

When you purchase the treadmill there are a total of 38 workout programs integrated with the treadmill. And you can also set up many goals for your workout on the treadmill.


This is the standard workout plan that you get with the purchase of the most automatic motor run treadmill.

On this treadmill, you can select any incline and speed setting that you would want. As long as whatever you select stays within the range of capability of the treadmill. There is no fixed duration for working out on the treadmill. Because the motor is of high quality.

All through the manual program, you can choose many display modes for your screen on the console. one of these modes allows you to keep track of your progress on a 1/4 mile virtual running track.

This manual program is awesome if you are interested to start workout fast. For doing these workouts you do not have to make any configuration. If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular muscles straight away then it is a good option.

Onboard workouts

As the ProForm Pro 9000 is a part of the ProForm Smart Pro Series it can ab workouts based on calorie burn, speed, decline and incline, intensity and also random.

The capability of creating random workouts is not something that you can find on most treadmills. It is a very rare feature that has been added to this treadmill.

You can press any button at any time you need to for making transitions in workouts. This way you will be able to select many workout programs which are available. There also options for creating your own workout. You can even check the intensity of your work out from the screen.

Each profile on the treadmill has been segmented. Each of the segments stores a level of incline and speed. As you progress with your work out the treadmill will automatically adjust to your level to meet your needs.

In the middle of your workout, you can easily change the incline or speed. However, if you actually want to create your own workout then the best option for you is iFit Workout Builder.

Setting up goal workouts

If you set up goals for your workout then you are going to be motivated to reach your goals. As a result, in the long run, you are never going to get bored about your workouts. In fact, you are going to love them.

These personal fitness goals could be reaching a targeted distance. Or it could be running for a targeted time. It could also be running to burn a certain amount of calories in one session.

iFit Workouts

You can fully use the service of iFit membership with the ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill. However, for using the membership you need to sign up for a paid subscription. As the treadmill is iFit enabled so it means that you do not need to purchase the wireless module for iFit. So it will help you to save cost.

If you have an account of iFit that can connect to the internet you can do any of the workouts. All that you have to do is download the workout programs to the console. This download includes goal setting, maps, routes, etcetera.

The certified fitness professionals have designed the workouts on the platform. These workout programs are going to help you to become more fit. They have created workout programs for everyone. A seasoned marathoner can do their workouts and the very beginners can do them as well.

You can even create your own workout by using the workout builder tool on iFit. There are Google maps and street view technology integrated for creating the workout routes.

When you are not using your treadmill you can access iFit from your computer via the Internet. You can even check your account from any smart device like your smartphone or tablet.

Ease of Assembly and Maintenance

ProForm is one of the best fitness equipment brand in the fitness industry. They specialize in building cardio equipment.

The treadmill ProForm Pro 9000 is very easy to assemble. All that you have to do is follow the instructions very well. These instructions have been stated very clearly on the manual.

The assembly process has been made very easy for you. So that you do not face any difficulty before starting your workout. For assembling the treadmill you are going to need a hex key and screwdriver.

However, you need to keep in mind that you cannot assemble the treadmill alone by yourself. You need someone else’s help while doing it. The assembly is made to be done by two people.

Delivering the assembled treadmill to you might cause damage to the treadmill. As it is heavy and massive in size. It will also be very difficult for delivery people as well. And it might increase the delivery cost significantly. So for your own good, some assembly needs to be done.

However, there is also a service that you can purchase. This service is about assembling the treadmill for you. So that when you purchase the treadmill it will be assembled for you by an expert.

Transportation and Maintenance

The ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill is very easy to transport. Because there are feels underneath the treadmill. So if you ever want to move the treadmill in your home then it can be done easily.

The treadmill has been designed with SpaceSaving architecture. So when you fold up the treadmill it will open up a lot of precious space in your home.

The treadmill also has an EasyLift Assist system. It will reduce the effort for raising the deck of the treadmill to a vertical position.

For maintaining the treadmill you need to update the firmware of the console. Sometimes calibration of incline system is also needed.


You can enjoy a lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor of ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill. There is also 5 years of warranty on parts and 2 years of warranty on labor cost. So when you purchase the treadmill there is no fear of making further expenses.


We hope that our ProForm Pro 9000 review was useful to you. It is suggested that you get the treadmill from a verified supplier on a reputable online shop.

You should get it from Amazon. Check out “ProForm Pro 9000 Amazon” for an amazing deal.

However, if you are still confused that you should purchase this treadmill or not you should check out our “treadmills for home gym” article. It is an extensive list of all the best treadmills that you can find on the market. All of the treadmills that we have listed are worth your attention. You are surely going to like at least one of the treadmills in our list.