Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 fluid trainer is a bike trainer that is favored by many indoor bike riders. It has been tested by many users who love the Kinetic InRide road feeling. But it can be difficult to choose to buy a fluid trainer indoor bike. So we came up with Kurt kinetic road machine 2.0 fluid trainer review.

Kurt kinetic road machine 2.0 fluid trainer review

Here is our detailed review will help you to decide if the bike trainer is good for you.

Kurt Kinetic road machine 2.0 fluid trainer delivers strong and quiet performance at your home. It has a power meter so that you can measure consistent power from the Kinetic in-Ride app. Because of the Kinetic Inride sensor, you will be able to do power training.

When you do power training with the kinetic road machine you are going to feel that you are in complete control of your training. As you can even take measurements of your training progress you are going to feel more confident about your performance and improvement.

After you purchase the bike trainer, it will not be assembled. You will have to assemble it by yourself by following the easy procedure given on the manual. Assembling the bike trainer should not take you more than a few minutes.



Resistance unit

One of the main problems with fluid trainers is that there can be leakage in the fluid resistance unit. It happens when the driving shaft enters into the fluid chamber.

Kinetic promises that they have made sure that their engineering is top notch. So they can guarantee that there will be no leak in a lifetime.

The mechanism of their engineering is that the magnetic drive system uses powerful magnets sets. They are on either side of the wall. As a result, there is no part that moves and enters the fluid chamber.

The resistance unit of the bike trainer is incredibly strong. You are going to get a road feel when you ride with their bike trainer.

When you cycle on the kinetic road machine 2.0 you will be able to hear the fluid of the trainer gurgling as it comes up. However, it will get quiet after a few minutes.

The resistance of the fluid trainer feels very realistic. Its resistance increases as you increase the gears. As a result, you need to put in effort consistently to maintain your power and speed.


The frame is strong, solid and heavy. This well built kinetic road machine 2.0 fluid trainer is very robust. It can withstand all the pressure that you put on it at different intensities.

You can go all out on the bike trainer with all your efforts. Or you can cycle slowly too. This bike trainer is perfect for handling any riding condition that you want to put it through.

You can mount or dismount your bike on the road machine 2.0 free trainer very easily. It should not take you more than a few seconds.

However when you are setting it up for the very first time then you need to do some tuning. Like you need to tighten the left tensioning knob. So the rear wheel remains at the middle of the flywheel. Then tightening of the left locked ring is also needed.

This type of setup is very simple. Because all that you have to do is screw the right tension knob for securing the bike. When you need to release your bike just a screwing the right tension knob is needed.


The bike trainer is very quiet. As a matter of fact, if you ride the trainer without any trainer mat you will hardly hear any noise.
However, there is one upside of using the trainer mat. When you use it, the bike trainer sinks into it. It helps to make your bike trainer even more stable.

Kinetic InRide App

The main feature of the smart power trainer pack is that it allows you to measure the power. Every time when you use InRide application the power requires to be calibrated. For this, you need to warm up for 10 minutes. This warming up allows the tire to warm up.

Within this time any air that is in the fluid chamber can adjust itself to the temperature. It generally happens when it spins up to 20 miles per hour. Then the application will instruct you to stop pedaling.

As the roller wheel will stop spinning the power gets calibrated and it becomes ready for going. There are an iOS and Android version of the kinetic app. The data is transferred from the InRide sensor to the application via Bluetooth off your smartphone.

The InRide pod creates data from the magnet which is inside the flywheel. The sensor of inRide pod takes the measurement and records power, speed, cadence, calories burnt and heart rate.

You can input many powerbase training sessions in the application. Then you can easily follow them when you write on the kinetic road machine, 2.0 fluid trainer. When you work out the display of the application shows a borderline across the screen. It is your targeted output power. And there is also a large dog which shows your real-time power output.

The application from kinetic is highly interactive and shows a lot of data. It is very good for you to make progress in the long run. As a matter of fact, you are going to gain a lot of confidence by checking the data.

Even though the application is highly sophisticated it gives weird cadence measurement. Sometimes the reading even moves in increments of 5. That can be very misleading if you follow your talents reading for a workout. So if you have any plans of doing a workout that requires cadence measurement you need to use another device.

After you are done with your work out you can even transfer your data to the social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. You can also share the data on websites like Training Peaks and Strava. If you want then you can even send your data through email.


There goes our Kurt kinetic road machine 2.0 fluid trainer review. It is an amazing fluid trainer that you can have in your home.

It has a lifetime warranty on the fluid resistance. As a matter of fact, you are going to get a lifetime warranty on the whole bike trainer.

If you are on the side of saving some money then you can even get yourself refurbished products. These are the same bike trainers and has been built to last, but they are cheaper.

It is highly suggested that you should get yourself the indoor bike trainer. It will help you to write bicycles at the comfort of your home. If you are still confused about your choice then you can check out our bike trainer buying guide.