Best Stopwatches For Running

It is essential to have the best stopwatch for your training. You can find inexpensive stopwatches with school coaches or gym teacher. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they only should use it. You need the best stopwatches for running and interval workouts.

Like if you are doing a blank or holding a position for a certain work out then you’re going to need a stopwatch. This option of using a stopwatch is going to help you to keep track of your improvement.

If you love to run sprint or Marathon then you are going to need a stopwatch for measuring lap time. In that case, you need to get yourself the best stopwatch for running.

Best Stopwatches For Running

There can be many types of stopwatch like the simple basic and cheap ones. But there are also the stopwatches that are complex and full of features, this stopwatch is generally a bit more expensive.

There are two types of stopwatch. They are mechanical stopwatch and digital stopwatch. The mechanical stopwatch has options of interruption, single action, and fixed distance.

The interruption type of stopwatch has a start-stop button and also zero buttons which are used for resetting the time once it is stopped. The fixed distance stopwatch shows you time distance. And the single action stopwatch has only one button. This button can be pressed any number of times so that you can start stop or clear or reset the stopwatch to zero.

Then there is the digital stopwatch. The digital stopwatch has three buttons. One button for start and also stop, another for mode, and the last one for resetting all getting a lap memory.

There are hundreds of stopwatch in the market. if you go through them all to buy the best stopwatch for running or working out then it will take you a lot of time. We are not saying that it is a bad idea. But it will be a total waste of your time.

However, we are here to save your time. We have researched the stopwatch market and ranked the best stopwatches. We have listed all of the types of stopwatches. Here are the inexpensive stopwatches and also the cheap stopwatch for running.

Without any further due let’s get started with our ranking for the best stopwatch.

Marathon Adanac 3000

The Marathon Adanac 3000 can measure the time of both single and split. It can even hold out the split time on display while the full timing goes on. the amazing stopwatch can display hours minutes seconds months days and even the date. It has also the function for a nice alarm.

The stopwatch has 46” lanyard. So you will be able to wear it very easily. This amazing piece of stopwatch allows you to keep track of time very reliably. So this stopwatch is perfect for doing a range of workouts.

Ease of use

You do not need to know anything special to use this watch. The stopwatch has an intuitive design. It is a solid and lightweight stopwatch which is very easy to grip and has a perfect size. You can wire or hang around your pocket very easily because of the lanyard. The stopwatch has been designed in such a way that it can hold up to a lot of wear and tear.

Nice design

The buttons of the stopwatch have been placed so perfectly that they give you a positive feeling. Whenever you press one single button you hear a beeping sound that alerts you. The overall shape and size of the stopwatch can be held easily. It can be a fort Leslie used by both men and women. In fact, even women and men should not have problems figuring out how to use it.

Cost and value

The stopwatch is going to do very well for you. The design of the stopwatch ensures that you feel comfortable while it is in your hands. It is so easy to use that you can just start using it after you purchase it. You do not necessarily need to read a user manual to figure out how to use the stopwatch.


  • Awesome shipping by Marathon.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It has battery activated when you purchase it.
  • The time reading is highly accurate.
  • You will get a great value for purchasing the stopwatch.


The stopwatch does not have any backlight.

There is no memory in the stopwatch.

Accusplit Pro Survivor

The stopwatch has functions that meet the basic requirements. It is water resistant and can tolerate pressure up to 100 feet. The stopwatch has an amazingly large display. Because of the large display, you can see all the data very clearly.

You will be able to choose the stopwatch from 10 case colors. The solid colors are black blue yellow red and green. There are translucent colors as well, such as aqua, cherry, smoke, lime, and lemon. All of these colors are bright and they are going to be a great addition to your fitness gear.


This highly durable stopwatch can help you to meet your timing requirements. Inside the stopwatch, there are quartz and IC controller. This ensures that 1/100 of a second is shown. The stopwatch can only get inaccurate is the quartz gates old and the stopwatch gets shocks.

However, as you are going to be only using it for running and simple exercises there is no worry of harming it so bad that it will get slow. This stopwatch has been the main limit for both marathon runners and joggers.

Fairly Quiet

You are going to get no countdown feature with this stopwatch. This watch does not make any sound when you press it except for the textile sound of clicking that you get from the button. This is a very quiet running stopwatch. You can hear the sound or if you are in a noisy place then the sound of the button just brands with the background.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for inexpensive stopwatches which are affordable and highly accurate then this could be your choice. Budget stopwatches generally don’t be this reliable, especially at this price range. And the user-friendly design of the stopwatch makes it even better to use.


  • Works on WOS 2.5 operating system.
  • This is one of the budget stopwatches.
  • The stopwatch does not make any sound.
  • The battery life of the stopwatch is expected to be about 5 years.
  • It has easy to read display.


The cord of the package could not be easily removed.

The clock feature of the stopwatch needs more instruction to be used.

Marathon Adanac 4000

The Marathon Adanac 4000 is an economic stopwatch that has nylon lanyard. You can wear it easily during any workout. The stopwatch is totally resistant to water and dust. It shows time and calendar on its large display. You are going to get the feeling that this is a functional stopwatch.


This is a gold stopwatch for a very reasonable price. Some even say that it is the best stopwatch for running. the stopwatch is highly durable and has bright color which is easy to be attracted to.

Large buttons have made using the stopwatch even easier. if you are swimming at a pole and want to find out the split time or left time of your swimming then do not be scared. The stopwatch is highly water resistant.

Overall Very Nice Stopwatch

Split time function of this stopwatch works really good. It is totally proof of shocks and water. You can purchase this stopwatch in colors like black red and yellow. the stopwatch has a very easy to read display so do not worry. You will be able to read from the stopwatches very easily.

Cost and Value

You are getting this highly durable stopwatch at a bargain at price. the large tactile buttons of the stopwatch make a clicking noise when you push it. The tension on the button is also perfectly designed so that you do not press a button accidentally.

The display on the stopwatch is large and nice. So it is very clear to read with the plastic lens. The plastic lens is strong enough to hold up against scratching.


  • This is a very well made stopwatch.
  • The stopwatch has excellently nice buttons for the timing options.
  • It has a strong lens to protect from scratch in the long run.
  • The nice shape of the stopwatch makes it very comfortable to hold and operate.
  • The stopwatch can withstand a lot of environments including the wet environment.


The screen of the stopwatch can get foggy.

The stopwatch’s screen does not light up.

Ultrak 100 Lap

The stopwatch from Ultrak has 100 dual split recallable memory. The stopwatch has a calendar and an alarm function.

It runs on a lithium battery. The stopwatch is water resistant. You are going to get a 5-year warranty with your purchase. A lanyard is also included. The stopwatch can also measure splits in recall mode.


You can drop the stopwatch and expect it to be in one piece. The stopwatch was made for rough use. Even if you throw it on concrete it will stay okay. The stopwatch can hold up to water and then take a beating but still work.

Long lasting

The battery lasts how long time in the stopwatch. You will be able to use it through various training sessions or coachings.

This is a highly reliable stopwatch that can get the job done when you need it. If you use a fancy stopwatch then you can use this as a backup because the fancy models might not last long but this will.

Cost and Value

The highly dependable and durable Ultrak 100 works great and can serve you a long time because of its battery. The lap counter and memory recording are very useful in the long run.

If you are into rowing then you are going to love this stopwatch. However, anyone who is interested in any sports can use the stopwatch.


  • This stopwatch was made for rowers.
  • The stopwatch is highly dependable because of long battery life.
  • The nice memory of the stopwatch is great.
  • There is a slight snap and then you hear a beep when you press any button.
  • The stopwatch is awesome for any sporting event.


The recall button can be a bit sensitive.

The stopwatch needs a clearer instruction manual.

Oslo Dual Stopwatches

The Oslo Dual stopwatch is a split tool, lap tool, and single event tool. The stopwatch is accurate to 1/100 of second to 10 hours. You are going to get two finish memory recalls.\

The alarm sounds off when the countdown timer finishes. the special features that come with the stopwatch make it a good choice for fitness enthusiasts. This stopwatch is great for both the professionals and beginners.


The stopwatch’s excellent timer will help you anytime you need it. High-quality mattress where used to make this stopwatch. Reading the display will be easy for you because of the large clear display. This is a very simple and practical stopwatch.

Reliable and Precise

The buttons of these stopwatch work so well that you do not have to worry about it working or not when you press it. stopwatch from this model has a very easily replaceable battery which you can find almost everywhere. The stopwatch does not turn off because it stays on all the time but still the battery is going to last you a very long time.

Cost and value

You can have this stopwatch around your neck and start to use it. The beeping function of this stopwatch is very helpful. The large display of the stopwatch is very easy to read and clear to see. As the stopwatch reaches 0 it will count up from 0 again.


  • The stopwatch has a good battery life which you need to replace after a long time.
  • The running stopwatch has nice tension on the buttons.
  • The beeping noise of the stopwatch is not annoyingly loud.
  • The paper turns off within 5 seconds left in the countdown mode.


The stopwatch has no clock.

It also has no backlight.

Gymboss Stopwatches

This is an interval timer stopwatch from the Gymboss. You will be able to take time one to two interval between two seconds and 99 minutes. The compact stopwatch is almost the size of a pager.

It even has a belt clip so that you can use it handsfree. Because of the stopwatch, you will be able to train in modes like HIIT, MMA, etcetera.

Decent Timer

The stopwatch has a nice compact interval timer. You can use this stopwatch for your advantage at a limitless case. We know that there are many best stopwatch timer app Android and IOS.

But it is way better to use this stopwatch rather than your phone because it does not have any distracting feature. There is no way on earth that you can actually get distracted while using this stopwatch.

A lot of uses

You can this timer not only for your workouts but also for your work at the office. You will be able to set up many intervals such as about 25 intervals for your work. This interval could notify you about the time that you should take to give your eyes rest from the computer.

You can also use the stopwatch for cooking in the kitchen. Even some musicians have used this stopwatch for their music. And obviously, athletes use this to as well.

Cost and Value

The brand Gymboss is a high-quality brand with good customer service. You are also going to get a whole year of warranty with the purchase of the stopwatch. this amazing timer can do a variety of activities because of the convenience and compactness it provides.


  • This stopwatch runs on AAA battery.
  • You will be able to set alarm for every 1 minute for 90 minutes.
  • You can use vibration and alarm system simultaneously or individually.
  • The stopwatch has a very long battery life.


The seal of the stopwatch is actually protecting it from spills or splashes.

But it is not totally water resistant. So it is best to avoid taking it to the ocean or swimming pool.

This stopwatch does not have any countdown option.

Learning Resources

The brand Learning Resources has a very simple stopwatch that is designed for the kids. However, the elder people like you can use it too.

This is the perfect stopwatch for the teachers at school who takes classes. They can time their lessons very well with the help of the stopwatch. The stopwatch can display minutes, seconds and also 1/100 seconds.

Child-friendly design

This simple stopwatch is very easy to use. The three buttons on the stopwatch are very self-explanatory about what they do. There are three colors of buttons, red green and yellow. The green color is for starting, red color is for stopping, while the yellow color is used to clear the screen.

The stopwatch has a perfect size so that it is comfortable in your hands as well as your kid’s hand. It has a combination of contrast colors so that your children enjoy using this stopwatch.

Quiet Function Design

They are many stopwatches that have bells and whistles which also makes a lot of noise. The various models and alarms can seem very difficult for the kids to understand to operate the stopwatch. But this stopwatch is not like that.

Your kids can use this stopwatch as soon as they unpack the packaging. Because it is stupid simple to operate this stopwatch.

Cost and Value

The manufacturer of the stopwatch has paid attention to the details that will attract your kids. The stopwatch that the brand makes is totally safe to use for your children. In fact, the raw materials are ingredients that were used to manufacture this stopwatch is of high quality. So that your kid does not get hurt or get sick because of using this stopwatch.


  • The stopwatch can count up and it does not produce any beep.
  • You can easily take time using the stopwatch just by pressing the red button. And if you want to clear up the data then you can simply press the yellow button.
  • There is a chord which you can wear around your neck.
  • This stopwatch is stupid simple to use with different colors of the button.
  • You are going to get a long battery life of these stopwatches. And in the long run, if you need new batteries then you can purchase them easily because they are highly available and cheap.


  • The stopwatch does not countdown.
  • The stopwatch cannot hold time.


The Dakota stopwatch is a high-end stopwatch. You can sleep it to your backpack belt jacket bag. Because it has a spring carabiner.
The stopwatch has been designed very strongly. It has a strong alloy case that has a stainless steel watch back.

When you purchase this stopwatch you are going to get a spare battery. so you will not have to worry about being ended up with a dead battery when you need to use the stopwatch.

Bells and Whistles

This high-end stopwatch has a lot of features. It has dual time zone ability, timer, and it also has an alarm clock that has a chime function. It also comes with an analog compass. When you hold the stopwatch it feels sturdy and solid. The stopwatch even as a light to the display. So that you do not face any problem to check the stopwatch at night.

Great overall watch

You will be able to hang the stopwatch from anything that you want. Like during your running you can hang it with your belt. Then you will not even have to stop to check the time. All that you need to do is to take a glance at the stopwatch.

Cost and value

This amazing stopwatch comes with an extra battery. However, do not miss understand that this stopwatch has a very short battery.

The stopwatch actually has long battery life. But as this is a high-end purchase they include an extra battery for you. So that you can remain worry-free from the need of batteries.

High-quality materials were used to make this solid stopwatch.


  • The stopwatch has military time feature.
  • The stopwatch has countdown repeat timer.
  • You can silence the sound that the stopwatch produces.
  • This is a great stopwatch for hiking, geocaching, and camping.
  • Dakota stopwatch is water resistant up to 100 feet.
  • This stopwatch is very light. It weighs only 2.75 ounces.


  • The stopwatch could have a better contrast between the face to the hands. If it did then reading from the stopwatch would have been easier.

Accusplit AX725

The stopwatch comes with an “X” performance case. It has a five-year lithium battery. The stopwatch has good and easy to operate controls. So the stopwatch is good for the children as well as for adults.

The noteworthy functions of the stopwatch are split counter, memory review, and 16 dual split memory. as this is a highly functional stopwatch it can take a minute or figure out how to use it. But after those minutes it is very easy to use the stopwatch even for the kids.

Ease of use

The simplicity of the stopwatch makes it quite difficult for you to make mistake while operating it. The buttons have been placed perfectly for their functions.

The numbers on the display of the stopwatch are big. So anyone can easily read it just by glancing at it. you will be able to read the timing even if you are wearing swim goggles.

Keeping up with time

This highly durable stopwatch keeps track of time perfectly. The instructions that come with the stopwatch is very easy to follow and understand. It has a memory path lab which is helpful to measure your improvement.

Cost and value

The professional Baseball scouts all over the world use this stopwatch. The highly durable stopwatch as a nice large display.

It is quite comfortable to hold the stopwatch with both of your hands. So if you are right or left handed when using the stopwatch will not make much of difference.

You are going to get a 5-year long warranty.


  • The stopwatch can remember 16 labs. You will be able to individually recall these laps when the timer hits 0.
  • The operation of the stopwatch is kind of quiet. It only makes a click sound when the buttons are pressed.
  • This official stopwatch is heavily relied on by the industry professionals of fitness.
  • You can easily click off and on when the stopwatch is solid.


This stopwatch does not keep track of time of the day.

The stopwatch does not have a light.


We hope that you have liked our list of the best stopwatches. because we have worked hard going through all the possible options that you can find on the market. Choosing the ones that are only worth your time and investment were only our priority.

However, if you still want to figure out more about stopwatches then you must check out our stopwatch buyers guide. it is going to help you to understand what you need to know to buy a stopwatch which is worth your money.

Stopwatch can help you to work out in the long run and also in the short run. Stopwatches are also men for running and other fitness activities including your workout at the gym.

Basically, if you want to be good at timing your activities and improve yourself then you need a stopwatch.

Do not waste any more time and keep track of your time with the help of stopwatch.


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