9 Best Sports Watch for Running

If you want to take your sports to the next level then you need to get yourself the best sport watches. Because the best sports watch will help you to crush your goals and extend further beyond your limits.


The sport watches are very more advanced than fitness trackers. They keep track of your quality of sleep and the steps you have taken. Not only that they even suggest you what you need to do to reach your goals.

All of these good sports watch are GPS watches. Because it helps you to keep track of the number of distance you have moved and also keep track of the speed you have moved it. All of the best sports watches near allow you to measure your heart rate because of their built-in heart rate monitor or has an external heart rate monitor. We also have listed the best sports watches for running.

You can also use this watches as your best sports watches for running. However, they are also very good at the gym. they can calculate how much calories you have burnt. The sports watches are like small mini computers that you carry on your waist when you are going to break a sweat.

We have checked all the brands on the market and selected the best ones for you. That deals on the best sport watches are going to help you to save money and also improve your health. Save money while getting fit, it could not get any better for you.

However, if you do not know how to select the best sport watches for yourself then you should check out our buyers guide. We did rank the top sports watches but if you still want to know which one is going to meet your exact need and going to help you to crash your goals then you better check out our sport watches buyer guide.

9 Best Sports Watch for Running

Without any further due, let’s get started with our top sports watches.

1. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Sports Watch

If you are asking yourself that what is the best sports watch for running then the answer could be this sport watch brands sports watch. Because many say that the brand deals the best GPS sports watch for running.

The sports watch has a very clear screen which is very easy to read. It is and has a button to activate the light for darker conditions. The buttons on the sports watches are very much satisfying to press.

Garmin Forerunner 645 is very lightweight and attractive. So you are going to feel special just by wearing it on your wrist. The sports watch has a heart rate monitor. The sports watch keep track of your heart rate all throughout the day, even when you are sleeping on even doing your workout.

However, you need to keep in mind that the least heart rate monitor is not highly accurate. When you workout if you use your sports watch as a primary heart rate monitor then it might not give you the 100% accurate results that you want. So it is recommended to use a chest strap heart rate monitor.

The wristwatch gives you real-time data lie motion sensing and ground contact time also cadence. Some of the runners say that these sports watch is as much as important to them as their running shoes. It is just that much important for them as a GPS running watches.

However, the sports watch from Garmin is not only meant for runners even other sports enthusiasts love it too. Some of the cyclist spare the sports watch with the training bikes and use it to retrieve data.

The 645 series provides you with a lot of data that you need while cycling and running or even while working out. And helps you to stay within your targeted heart rate. So that you can make your cardiovascular efforts the most effective.

The sports watch has a long battery life. It can stay on for 7 days while in general use. 5 hours in GPS mode which is going to last you for 5 days. This battery life is more than enough for most of the people. And the battery is also very quick to charge.

The smartwatch has a music player. So you will be able to leave your phone at home and go out for your run. all you have to do is copy the music files into the sports watch.

You are also going to get the smartphone notifications for your preferred messaging services.

This is the top sports watch for running and also doing workouts. The only problem is that the sports watch may cost a bit more than the normal ones. But as you are paying more for the sports watch you are also getting a lot more features.

2. Garmin Forerunner 630 Sports Watch

Are you a data nerd? If you are then this is the best sports watches for you. It is one of the very best available for delivering data according to your needs. You are also going to be able to use it for both cyclings or working out at the gym. The sports watches maybe water resistant but it was never meant to be used while swimming.

The lightweight sports watch weights only 44 grams. Screen size is very similar to the other Garmin brand sports watches. And trust us that you do not want sports to watch with a larger screen than this. Because you actually watch to concentrate on the sport. Not on the watch. Or else getting yourself this will have no meaning.

The touchscreen control of the sports watch is reliable. However, the watch does not have the ideal size of the screen if you are wearing a long sleeve top. But do not worry because the touchscreen is not the only option. The sports watch 630 has comfortable buttons.

The battery life is going to last you 4 days if it is not used for any kind of sport. This is the real battery life of the sports watch. however how the battery is drained is totally dependent on how you use it. Like if you run every day then there is almost no change for it to last its battery for 4 weeks.

It has some running analyses like lactate threshold prediction, VO2Max, pacing feature and also built in threshold test. These are the features that are great to have on your sports watch.

The watch helps you to focus on only the simple metrics. And as you become more advanced runner you can also use the data that are more advanced. Once you start to see this data while at an intermediate or advanced level then you are going to become a running addict.

You cannot have any reached heart rate tracking option on the Garmin Forerunner 630. This is actually good as people have said.

Some say it is an irritation for the sports watch to have this feature when you are doing a highly intense workout outside of your home or you are riding a bike.

Are many applications in the Garmin Connect IQ store. It will help you to add up the watch so that it can meet your needs.

Suppose if you want to have your finish time for a quick Marathon on the screen then you can have this feature. You can even have a flashlight display or other watch faces if you want to.

The basic thing that the Garmin sports watch does are accurate tracking system through GPS, let you know your smartphone notifications.

You will be able to share your life tracking data and obviously, you will also be able to count the number of steps you take.

3. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

This one of the top sports watches have both music and a heart rate monitor built in. So for this option, you will not have to wear any chest strap as you run.

The heart rate monitor of this sports watch is very much accurate. You can also get interesting data about your workout like how long you have been doing cardio workouts.

Heart rate monitor also works great when you are lifting weight at the gym or doing bodyweight workouts like pull-ups. But it does not work as well while you are cycling on a very bumpy road.

Battery life of this sport was is somewhat okay. It will allow you to use GPS tracking for 11 hours. And you can use it for 7 days at the very least if you are not using the GPS tracking option.

Although you will not be using your sport was as your smartphone it will show you the smartphone notifications that you want.

The sports watch shows you the route that you have taken to travel on the screen of the watch. So if you are bad at navigation and get lost then you can trace yourself back to where you have started.

The GPS tracking of the sports watch is very much reliable. But sometimes it can take a bit longer to lock on. And until it locks on you cannot start to run or riding your cycle.

4. Fitbit Ionic Sports Watch

This is a complete fitness sport watch that is going to give you a lot of features. The sports watch from Fitbit can store over 300 songs and can detect crunches and other workouts that you do at the gym. It also has built-in GPS and a pulse tracking system.

The sports watch is of simple design. It might not be the most attractive but it gives you the choice of choosing from three different colors. You will be able to choose the sports watch from slate blue and burnt orange, charcoal and smoke grey, and blue-grey and silver.

This sports watch comes with larger and smaller wristbands. This is not the feature that you get with all the brands of a sports watch. You will be able to switch the bands very easily.

You can also separately purchase other sports bands which are available in many colors. Or you can go for the leather bands.

The heart rate monitor of the sport was is a bit different. It is very much accurate while you are doing a highly intense activity or workout.

But while you are doing workout which is at a lower level of intensity then it will actually be inaccurate.

If your target is to workout and lose weight at high intensity or if you do weightlifting and the gym then the Fitbit ionic is good for you.

You will be able to use a chest strap with this sports watch if you want to. As the sports watch is kind of inaccurate for the lower intensity of the workout.

However, there is one lack in that is the fact that it will not show you at what zone you are in. That is why you need to keep it in your mind at what heart rate you will be in what zone.

The sports watch has more than 4 days of battery life. But if you use it very frequently and at high intensity then it will last an even shorter time. To be honest it will also be a good replacement for a smartwatch and also a good watch for running because it will give you run data.

You can get the number of data like the amount of distance you have covered or the number of calories you have burnt or even your sleeping quality data. If you have been sitting for a long time then the sports watch will remind you that you have been sitting for way too long and recommend you to move.

The sports watch keeps track if you are walking up a flight of stairs. But there is one disadvantage to eating like if you are cycling up a hill then it will think that you are actually climbing the stairs. However, if you are interested to know how many flights of stairs is a hill equivalent to then you are in for a good company.

The sports watch from Fitbit has personalized coaching workout. This workout routine will guide you through many exercises. It is very helpful to keep you fit. But do not concentrate too much on the screen of your watch rather than doing the workout.

Futuristic features that come with the Fitbit Ionic are cool but you need to be clever to use it. that is why it is marketed actually as a smartwatch that is used for exercise. Rather than a sports watch that is used for exercises.

You will be able to pay using your smartwatch seamlessly. But for that, you will have to type in a pin code on the touch screen of the sports watch from Fitbit. You need to type in the pin code once a day. This feature might sound like a problem for you but it has been done for your own safety.

If you want to get better at sports or even become stronger than you need to rest. Resting is the most important part of building muscle. And the best form of resting is sleeping. The Fitbit sports watch tracks your sleeping quality and also your heart rate while you sleep

5. Polar M200

Polar M200 is a highly affordable sports watch. The design of the sport was may not be as attractive as the expensive options but you can choose the watch from colors like black or white. You can even change the wristband as well.

The polar sports watch will obviously keep track of your running data and also help you to see the route that you have taken for your running. You will also be able to see the total number of distance you have done and also at what speed.

It has an optical sensor that keeps track of your heart rate. You are also going to get data like the number of calories you have burnt and which heart rate zone you are at.

You will be able to set up the Polar Running Programme and you can set up your desired event that you want ahead of the real event. It will help you to reach your goals and crush them faster.

The M200 sports watch from Polar will tell the number of steps you have taken in one day and also the number of calories we have burnt.

You will know how many hours you have slept and what was the quality of your sleep. This data is very on how much you have moved your least throughout the night while you were asleep.

6. Garmin Forerunner 935

This is actually an ultimate fitness device for you. You can pair Garmin’s land and water heart rate strap who is the sports watch. it will help you to get data on swimming and running. The data will be so detailed that you can never imagine.

If you are interested to know about your lactate threshold, stress level or VO2 Max then this watch can help you. Also if you want to know the stride length of your steps and how long you have stayed in contact with the ground this watch is your friend.

Heart rate monitor of the sports watch cannot keep up with updating or detecting your heart rate very well when you sweat a lot. Even though the sports watch may be a bit expensive than the others it should be able to take data and show it even when you are sweating.

If you want to get yourself a high-end sports watch that is going to help you with running cycling on even weightlifting then this is the watch that you should get. It is meant only for the active people who do not do only one sport but many.

We would have ranked this at the top but we did not because people who actually do a lot of sports or not really serious about a single sport. Like if a professional soccer player is playing baseball as well then that does not mean he is as passionate about baseball as he is about soccer.

Other than that fake we would have ranked the sports watch at the top. Because it is really a good one that is worth your attention and investment.

7. Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+

This is an amazing 3rd generation smartwatch with a GPS tracking system, a barometer to detect altitude, highly accurate heart rate sensor, calorie burning counter and most importantly the sports watch can work without your iPhone. It can operate as a standalone device.

The display of the sports watch is large and clear. The touchscreen of the sports watch allows you to select the fitness app very easily and you will be able to get all the data that you need just by giving a glance at the screen.

You can get your running data too like the speed at which you are running, the amount of distance you have covered and also the page that you have been running at.

You won’t have to concentrate on the data separately you can easily check it out while you are running.

The metrics that are tracked by the Nike+ app do not match the accuracy of the devices from brands like Garmin. But the sports watch has its perks. The app from Nike acts as a great motivator and also it helps you to keep track of your daily activity. You will be able to check your smartphone notifications and apps as well.

The battery life of the sports watch is pretty good. But if you are using it as are running watch each and every day then you need to charge it regularly.

The sports watch is one of the top sports watches. It has a great design and looks. The watch faces are pretty good too. You can use the sports watch as one of your GPS running watches.

8. Suunto Spartan Sport

The brand Sunnto has come to the market with the aim to make the quality of GPS watches higher. The tracking quality is very high. Data from the sports watch is highly accurate.

The sports watch has smart features. You will be able to select your face for running. And if you go off your face then the sports watch will let you know through vibrating alerts.

The Spartan Sport watch as more than 80 sports program ready for tracking. You will be able to track for sports like cycling running swimming yoga and if you are into cheerleading then you can track that too. You can also use this sports watch at the gym.

The battery life of the sports watch can go to 26 hours. And this is the battery life considering that it is doing the daily activities consistently. The list of daily activities includes smartphone notification and the daily activity that you do like walking the number of calories you have burnt etcetera.

9. Polar M600

The M600 sports watch from Polar supports Android Wear. So it is actually a hybrid of sports was a smartwatch.

This is actually a GPS first watch. Sports watch has the brands dedicated fitness app. The M900 is water resistant so you will be able to take it for a sweet as well. As the sports watch supports Android Wear you can also use other third-party apps which are meant for a smartwatch.

As this is a smartwatch, as well as sports, watch it obviously supports music. You can connect the sports watch to your Bluetooth headphones via Bluetooth. So it means that when you go outdoors for training then you do not have to carry your phone with you.

The battery life of the sports watch is pretty high. It can last for about a week. That is given the fact that it was also tracking your running.


We hope that you liked our ranking of best sport watches. There are just so many options for the best sport watches on the market. And the options are not cheap. So if you invest in the wrong sports watch then you are not going to be happy.

We have tried our best to make your life easier by helping you to choose the best sports to watch. All of these wearables are dedicated to helping you to become a better athlete.

If you are still confused about your choice of the sports watch then you should check out our sports was buyer guide. We have listed all of the important factors that you need to think and take care of before you purchase any sports watch.

Now do not waste any more time before you get the best sport watches for yourself. Getting yourself the best sports watch will help you to crush your fitness goals and become healthier.

Choose the best sport watches that suits your need from the list above and trust as it will be well worth your investment. Be it the best sports watch for running or for your gym. We believe the list above will meet your needs.


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