Best Dumbbells for Home Gym

The local gyms near your home are fooling you with cheap memberships. These deals with the personal trainer and the promises that they make for you to get a beach body is completely fake. You can build your own gym with the best dumbbells for a home gym with the cost of a few months of membership.

It would be best for you to give up the thought of sweating at the public gym while listening to music with headphones. Instead, it will be more comfortable for you to listen to loud music with speakers at your home gym.

This might sound unreal to you. But it is a very possible reality if you get the best dumbbells for home gym.

Well, why will you even want to choose numbers for being fit? It is because that building muscle is the best way to lose fat in the long run. And one of the very best and easiest ways to build muscle is by lifting dumbbells.

The best dumbbells for home gym will help you to reach your fitness goals fast and improve your health.

9 Best Dumbbells for Home Gym

Which is the Best Dumbbell?

The dumbbells from Bowflex and PowerBlock are the latest adjustable dumbbell options. There are very easy to use.

All you have to do is simply regulate to the required weight. And the number is going to level a grasp the correct weight plate. Both the PowerBlock and Bowflex are the best dumbbells for beginners.

However, these dumbbells might be more expensive then others. Actually, it will seem to you like that. Because for weight training you need a range of fixed dumbbells. And their cost cannot add up to immensely greater than the adjustable options.

We have also listed other adjustable dumbbells in our list. Those are pretty good as well. Their weight range can get high and low too. Depending on your needs.

How to buy the best dumbbells?

You best invest in the good quality wait for your weight training. They have a high return on investment.

In fact, doing the workouts with dumbbells is stupid simple. You will be surprised by the results that you are going to get just by watching some YouTube videos as guides.

There are hundreds of dumbbells available in the market. Some of them have confusing systems and shapes. Choosing the one that is right for you and are the best dumbbells for a home gym is very important.

Generally, numbers are rounded or hexagonal. However, hexagonal shaped numbers are a better choice than the rounded ones. Because the hexagonal dumbbells will not roll over as you rest during your workout.

If you are going for a fixed dumbbell set, you need to consider the weight. It is perfectly all right for you too fancy doing a shoulder press with extremely heavy dumbbells. But you need to keep in mind that it can severely damage your shoulders.

It can also get freaky with many progressions of workout with a single weight set of dumbbells. Because you can do many workouts like a bench press with a heavy dumbbell set. But there are also many workouts that cannot be done with heavy dumbbell set if you are just getting started.

Finally, you must also consider the material that was used to make this number that you are purchasing.

We have listed all the options of best dumbbells for beginners and also for advanced. You can use any of the dumbbells that we have mentioned for the best dumbbell exercises which will make you are a stronger version of yourself.

Whether you want to hold a dumbbell and do farmers walk or want to do bench press for biceps curl all of the listed dumbbells are suited for you. Just be patient. going through our list of the dumbbells will save a lot of time for you.

1. Bowflex Slecttech Dumbbells

This dumbbell is the best in our list. And it is worth every penny of the premium service that it provides.

These dumbbells are total beasts. They can pack 2 kg to 24 kg or 4 kg to 41 kg in each dumbbell. This is dependent on the model that you are going to purchase.

However, the selection of the weight is very easy. All that you have to do is just spin a dial.

If you use them to workout on a workout bench then you are going to feel like you are working out with normal dumbbells. They make a very good pair.

As you can regulate the weight of the dumbbells then you do not have to worry about the space that dumbbell racks take.

Spinning the dial of the dumbbells is very easy. In fact, navigating the weights are much easier because of the plastic stand that is included. It makes adding the weights back to their place much easier. But sometimes you have to be very careful with certain configurations.

This dumbbell is a great solution if you are short on space at your home gym. But you want to be fit and look sexy by doing intense workouts.


  • Weight Spread: 2-22 kg or 4-41 kg.


  • Bowflex Slecttech is a very practical dumbbell. And also very convenient to use.
  • These dumbbells feel like normal dumbbells when you use them. They do not feel unnatural like other dumbbells which are adjustable.
  • The Selecttech is going to save you a lot of space and money. Considering the fact that you had to buy a complete dumbbell set with a dumbbell rack.


  • The Bowflex Slecttech Dumbbells are comparatively more expensive than other options.
  • The mechanism at which this dumbbell works can seem a bit complicated to some. But once you use this you are going to get a hang of this. So you need not to worry about it.

2. York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set

These are awesome cast iron weights dumbbells. They are nothing fancy. And are stupid simple to use. In fact, they have been used by your granddads and also maybe their dads.

However, do not think of getting your grandparents dumbbells. Instead get your own. Because they are going to last a lifetime.

These dumbbells are well known to be noisy and palm-chafing. However, you can protect your palm by wearing gloves. But the palm-chafing is like a badge of honor for people who do weightlifting.

Sometimes one of the weights of these dumbbells might get loose during your workout set.

But it is very minimal. It will not get loose enough to fall or slide. So, do not worry and do your workout set. After completion then you can think of fixing it.

These are very cheap though. So you do not necessarily have to worry about the cost of these dumbbells. But they are going to last you a lifetime. The return of investing in them is very high.


  • Weight Spread: 2.5-25 kg


  • They can have a very wide weight range.
  • These dumbbells do not take a lot of space.
  • They are comparatively cheaper than the individually fixed dumbbells. In fact, they are just one of the cheapest options for dumbbells available.
  • These dumbbells are meant to last a lifetime. Your grandkids also are able to use it someday.


  • They can damage floors if you drop them. Especially these dumbbells are Enemies of hardwood floors.
  • These dumbbells can be noisy when you use them.

3. Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbbells 25 KG

The Men’s Health Adjustable Dumbbells modular waits system. They have been designed in such a way that the price remains comparative while the benefits do not change much.

In the beginning, it might seem that the cost of each of these numbers is high. But actually, it is not.

The weight range is that it starts at 2.5 kg and can go up to 25 kg. You will be able to increase the weight at 2.5 kg increment. It makes these numbers one of the most versatile and compact dumbbell systems.

Overall quality of this dumbbell is amazing. Thick plastic is used to cover all of the grippy parts.

The spinning weight selection collar is easy to use. Automatically clicks into a place so that there is additional safety.
If you gun all these dumbbells then you might end up breaking the weight selection mechanism.

You can easily adapt to these downsides of this dumbbell. As they are very versatile you can use them to target various muscle groups. Within a month or two you will be working with huge guns and shredded body.


  • Weight Spread: 2.5 – 25 kg


  • The dumbbell covers a high weight spread.
  • It takes up a very small space.
  • The dumbbell is way cheaper than the individually fixed dumbbells combined.


  • The strange shape of this dumbbell makes it difficult for beginners to perform certain movements.
  • The dumbbell can seem a bit unbalanced for some workouts. This is also because of the strange shape that it has.

4. Escape Fitness Classic Urethane Dumbbell Set

The Escape brand is responsible for supplying all kinds of fitness years that is related to weights. Most of the people who have been to the gym can easily recognize these brand.

The Urethane Dumbbell Set rack is ridiculously expensive. It is a perfect example of showing that how much expensive that it can be to purchase high-quality weights with a rack.

These numbers have been designed very nicely. And they are so strong that you can drop them without the fear of doing any damage to your Dumbbells. You can literally torture these weights to their fullest.

However, the weight range of this dumbbell is very small. So it is a good choice for beginners. However, it is also a great choice for the veterans who are looking for sculpting their body with high precision. You can also use these dumbbells for cardio as well.


  • Weight Spread: 1 – 10 kg


  • The dumbbells are very strongly built.
  • A storage rack is included with the purchase of these numbers.
  • These are high-quality gym dumbbells manufactured by well-reputed brand.


  • These dumbbells can be very expensive.
  • They have a very small weight range.

5. Powerblock Sports 5.0 Dumbbells

Even though the number is quite more expensive simpler than most numbers Powerblock Sports have a very good design. However, this type of dumbbell is way cheaper than the Bowflex.

You will be able to save the space taken by 10 pairs of fixed numbers using the Powerblock Sports dumbbells.

The weight spread is from 2kg to 22.5 kg. You can increase the weight by 2 kg increment.

Swapping the weights is very easy. You can simply do it by moving a pin in down or up. there is also a color coding it helps with visual assistance while you are changing the weights during a workout.

You will be able to use this dumbbell for a wide range of exercises. It has ergonomic grip and amazing design. Using this number for movements like chest pressing or squatting or even lunges are just going to be a walk in the park.

The size of this dumbbell set can add up to the size two shoe boxes take.


  • Weight Spread: 2 – 22.5 kg


  • There is a very good weight spread for this dumbbell. As a result, you will be able to change the weights for various workouts.
  • The space taken by the pair of the dumbbell is very less. Their size can add up to the area two show boxes can take.


  • These adjustable dumbbells can be a bit expensive than other options. However, they are way cheaper than Bowflex Slecttech Dumbbells.
  • This pair of dumbbell can be very noisy.

6. Bodymax Deluxe 40KG Hammertone Dumbbell Kit

The weight plates of these dumbbells do not crack. Not even when they are dropped. However, if you drop them from a height they might crack your hardwood or tiled floor.

These dumbbells have rubber grips. They ensure that the dumbbells do not slip from your hand when it gets sweaty during the workout.

The weight spread is 5 to 20 kg. And there are weight plates of 1.25 kg to 5 kg. You are going to be able to target your leg muscles and as well as your upper body muscles with these dumbbells.

But you will need to unscrew the metal spin collar if you want to change the weight. It can seem time-consuming during your high-intensity interval workout.


Weight Spread: 5 – 20 kg


  • These dumbbells are Hardy Hammertone Coated.
  • You are going to get a decent selection of weight plates with the purchase of this dumbbell kit.


  • These numbers have fiddly spin collars.

7. Iron Master Quick-Lock Set

There are Dumbbell sets that do not promise rapid weight change like the adjustable dumbbells like Bowflex and Powerblock. In fact, it is suggested that you do not throw them when you are using heavy weights with this dumbbells.

However, the Quick-Lock system is kind of Indestructible compared to the other adjustable dumbbells. it is a perfect dumbbell to cover the space that is not covered by the shortcomings of adjustable dumbbells like Bowflex.

This locking system allows you to load weights with just a couple of twists. You will not have to use a spin collar system. And the worries of the locks getting loose should not be your worries anymore.

The kit from IronMaster can be a bit expensive. But the cost of these numbers includes a stand and the whole set. You will be able to pump each of the dumbbells to 34kg. Additional weights up to 74 kg can also be added.


  • Weight Spread: 4 – 68 kg


  • These dumbbells are kind of Indestructible.
  • You get a compact rack stand with these dumbbells.


  • The weights can be changed slower than you can change with Bowflex.

8. Body Power 12.5 KG Rubber Hexagonal Dumbbells

The hexagonal shape and Rubber coating ensure that you can use these Dumbbells for more than simply pumping iron purposes.

You can even incorporate these Dumbbells to your push-up routine. They can also be used for press-ups, renegade rows and a lot more. these all can be done without the risk or fear of damaging the floor of your home.

The cost of these numbers adds up as you purchase more to increase your collection. As they are not adjustable at all you will want a few ranges of this Dumbbell.


  • Weight Range: n/a


  • The amazing hexagon shape ensures that it can be used for a lot of workouts.
  • Because of the rubber coating, it makes a lesser amount of noise.
  • This number has comfortable handles.


  • Not adjustable at all. So you have to switch between dumbbells during workouts.
  • Takes up a lot of space at home. Because you need to buy a wide range of weights.

9. TNP Accessories Vinyl Dumbbell Set 40 KG

The TNP dumbbells are very affordable. Which is why you might not get the premium finishing that you get from other dumbbells.

But nonetheless, this is an amazing choice for getting started. In fact, you will be able to use the weight plates for a number of workouts.

You can load the 18 inches long metal bars for workouts like dumbbell curl, weighted squats, and other overhead presses. Or you can also use the weight plates for the ab workouts.


  • Weight Spread: 5 – 20 kg


  • The weights are coated with vinyl for protecting the floors.
  • You can use the weight disks for multiple uses.


  • There is a cheap feeling with the weights of this dumbbell.
  • They do take up a bit of space.


Well, the list of best dumbbells for home gym concludes here. All of the best dumbbells are have been listed for the beginners. And our list also contains the dumbbells that are best for the professionals.

If you still cannot decide that which number is best for you then you should take a look at our dumbbells buyer’s guide. Our buyer’s guide will teach you about everything that you need to know before you purchase dumbbells.

However, it is best for you to not waste any more time and get started with dumbbells. Because you are going to lose weight fast and gain muscle with them. In fact, strength training with weights is one of the best ways to lose weight.

Best of luck with your weight training.

All of the listings above contains the best deals that you can find on the Amazon. So instead of checking out the local fitness store that might make a fool out of you, just go and get the dumbbell that is perfect for you.

We hope that you find the best dumbbell for the home gym.


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