Best Ankle Weights Exercise

Best Ankle weights help you to make your workouts more intensive. Getting the best ankle weights will help you to do the best ankle weights exercise. If you do those then you will be able to get it fast and lose weight in the long run.

But to be able to use the best ankle weights exercise you need to know which are the best ankle weights to buy. For that, we have the exact thing for you. You should check out our ankle weights buyer’s guide. It should teach you everything that you need to know before you purchase the best ankle weights for you.

8 Best Ankle Weights To Buy

You can use the ankle weights as leg weights. Please also help you to intensify the strength training of your leg muscles.

While you to workouts like leg lifts and leg raises. These are going to help you to even tone your legs faster if you use them while sprinting.

Do not wait anymore. Step up your strength training game with the ankle weights.

You can even use the ankle weights as wrist weights. As the ankle weights have adjustable diameter you can wrap them around your wrists too. So it can also help you to intensify your arm workouts as well.

That is the best part of ankle and wrist weights. They not only help you with your leg workouts but your upper body workout as well.

If you are under rehabilitation then ankle weights can help you as well. They can be used for physical therapy exercises to strengthen the leg muscles.

For these situations, it is best to use the fully adjustable ankle weights. These ankle weights help to heal up faster during rehabilitation.

Below we have listed our list of the best ankle weights for best ankle weights exercise. We have researched all of the options for ankle weights. the ones that we have listed are the best ankle weights to buy on the market.

It is our promise to you that our ankle weights are the best ankle weights exercise for women and as well as for men. Do not worry much about gender before choosing any options.

Without any further ado let’s get started with our list of the best ankle weights on the market.

1. Nayoya Ankle Weights

This is the best ankle weight in our list. They are the top notch in terms of both security and comfort. As a result, there can be used both by children or adults. These ankle weights are perfectly suited for rehabilitation.

The set that you purchase will include 1.5-pound weights. And the ankle weight remains secured with the help of velcro straps.

You are also going to get a carrying bag with your purchase. So you will be able to carry it easily where ever you go. In fact, it will be highly convenient to store it at your home in your carrying bag for ankle weight.

Customers who have purchased this ankle weight have always discussed on the Amazon about how comfortable these ankle weights are.

They fit so well that it feels like the ankle weight is just a part of your body. You will not get any distraction of movement or losing balance for the ankle weight.

2. Reehut Durable Ankle Wrist Weight

The Reehut ankle weights are pretty awesome. The brand offers a wide range of weights so that you can frame differently with each of them. You can start with as low as one pound and can go up to 10 pounds. The ankle weights are weighted with iron shots.

The material is made of mercerized cotton which absorbs moisture. It has comfortable fit features. The ankle weight is very easy to use.
You will be able to change the fitting of the ankle weight the help of a velcro strap. It helps to keep the ankle weight snugly fit your ankle.

The ones which are of 1 pound to 3 pounds are going to be a really good option for wrist weight. The heavier options are going to be good for you to use them for sprinting are jumping or leg workouts.

The ankle weights are color coded. It was done so that you can understand the weight of each of these ankle weights just from the looks of it.

  • Red – 1 pound and 11.42” L x 9.25” W
  • Green – 2 pounds and 12” L x 10.23” W
  • Purple – 3 pounds and 12.59” L x 10.83” W
  • Blue – 4 pounds and 13.38” L x 11.42” W
  • Orange – 6 pounds and 14.17” L x 13.98” W
  • Blue – 8 pounds and 16.15” L x 13.98” W
  • Grey – 10 pounds and 15.35” L x 14.17” W

These were the color-coded options that are available from the Reehut brand. Do not worry about the cost because these options are actually cheap.

3. Prodigen Adjustable Ankle Weight Set

If you want a fully adjustable ankle weight then this is your go-to brand. The ankle weight has small pockets. you can add individual small bags into this pockets to increase the weight.

If you add all the five bags into the angle weight then the total weight is 3.5 pounds. The belt material of this ankle weight is breathable cotton.

As a result, it will feel amazing around your wrist you use it as a wrist weight. It will also feel comfortable around your ankle as well.

Ankle weights get wet as you use them while you workout. And you need to write them up after you are done with your work out. The ankle weights from Prodigen are great ankle weights that dry up pretty quickly.

The ankle weights are so comfortable that you can use them for running or sprinting. They will not feel uncomfortable like many ankle weights do as you run. They are also a good option for boxing training.

Ankle weights from Prodigen are also good for rehabilitation or beginners at the gym. You can start with very lightweight. As beginners and people who are under rehabilitation are generally less accustomed or used to heavier ankle weights. They have the option of using heavier weights as they get better at exercises.

4. Comfort Fit Ankle Weights by Yes4All

These ankle weights by Yes4All available at a wide weight range. You can buy them and weight ranges between 1 pound pairs to 5 pound pairs.

These ankle weights might be a bit more expensive than the others. Their price increases with the weight. The cheapest ankle weight of this model is the lightest one.

Fully adjustable ankle weights have velcro straps. These velcro straps help the ankle weights feet exactly to the shape and size of your legs or wrists.

The material that was used to the ankle weight is very absorbent to moisture. And the built material also helps to prevent chafing.

Ankle weights have weighted bags. You can adjust these removable weighted bags to change the weights of the ankle weights.

Even the customers who have purchased these ankle weights for best ankle weights exercise have said that this is one of the best ankle weights on the market. Even though they might be a bit more expensive but they are totally worth your investment. Because you are going to get a high return on your investment if you purchase these ankle weights.

5. Valeo Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weights

The brand Valeo has been producing fitness accessories for a long time. They started their journey in 1988. And since their beginning, they have been manufacturing the high-quality goodies.

The ankle weights from Valeo brand is totally adjustable. you can easily adjust the weights by removing the weighted bags totally according to your needs.

There are 10 slots for you to put in weighted bags into the ankle weight. If you get yourself the 10 pounds set of the ankle weight then each of the weight bags will weigh one pound. And if you purchase the 5-pound set then each weight bag will weigh a ½ pound.

These ankle weights from Valeo are totally adjustable and suitable for your wrists and ankles. it means that you can use them as wrist weights and also as ankle weights.

You can adjust the straps and also D-Rings to feet your needs. ankle weights are available in two sizes so they are targeted for a various group of people. The beginners who are just getting started with fitness can purchase the 5-pound set. And the advanced group of users can purchase the 10-pound set.

More than 50 percent of people who have purchased this ankle weight has rated it 5 out of 5. You can be sure that this is an amazing piece of fitness gear. It will help you to shed weight and get fit and sexy in no time.

6. Theraband Ankle Weights

The wristband and ankle weights from Theraband are for you if you want to use them fullest both as wrist weights and ankle weights. Cause most ankle weights can be used as wrist weights. But they were not actually made to be used as wrist weights.

But this ankle weight or risk weight you can call them both because it was made to be used as wrist weight also as ankle weight.
Interior clothing of the ankle weights absorbs moisture as you sweat while workout. They are also good at drying up fast. Unlike many other ankle weights.

There is a wide range of weights of the ankle weights for you to choose from. You can choose any size between the 2 pounds, 3 pounds, and 5-pound set.

The strap of the ankle weight is highly adjustable. So it will feel very well to your wrist and also your ankle. As you move your body intensely during your workout they are not going to fall or even move.

If you workout using ankle weights for best ankle weights exercise out of your home then there is a plus point for you to use these ankle weights. Because these ankle weights from Theraband have reflective trim. They are going to be a lot helpful if you workout in the park.

7. Keifer Ankle Weights

The ankle weights from Keifer are a great option for you to choose. Because the brand claims that they work great both as ankle weight and wrist weight. This ankle weight has features that set it apart differently from the other options listed in our ranking.

The brand Kiefer has been manufacturing outdoor fitness gear and also swimming accessories for a long time. In fact, the ankle weights from Kiefer are actually meant to be water resistant. This feature sets apart this ankle weight from the rest of the options in the list.

There is a wide range of size of the ankle weight for you to choose from. You can choose from 1 pound, 1.5 pounds, 2.5 pounds, 3.75 pounds, and 5 pounds. Of your purchase will include a single pair of the size you choose.

The velcro buckle ensures that it fits perfectly to your wrists and ankle. And stays fit. There is also an added advantage of using the ankle weights from Kiefer. You can easily clip each of the weighted belts to each other to strengthen your core muscles.

8. All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

All Pro is one of the leading brands who create high-quality health and fitness goodies. Their specialization is making fitness rehabilitation gear. Their fitness accessories are generally handheld or wearable. You can purchase their ankle weights without any worries because they are very good at what they do.

They have designed their ankle weights with your comfortability in mind. Ankle weights can be easily adjusted to meet your needs.

There are weight pockets in the inside flap of the ankle weights. You can add weight bags to these pockets at ½ pound increment. There are a total of 10 slots of adding weighted bags.

the ankle weight even has extra padding so that when you wrap it around your leg you can feel extra comfort. You do not get this extra padding from other models generally. Ankle weights have a range of 5 pounds to 20 pounds individually. How much weight you want is totally dependant on you.

The users who have purchased this ankle weight love it a lot. people who needed physical therapy and also the people who wanted to intensify their work out both could meet their needs. Some even have said that they have gotten faster at sprinting by building leg muscles and toning up their legs with the ankle weights.


We have added all of the ankle weights for best ankle weights exercise on the market which are worth your investment. And not only that they are also going to give you a high return on investment.

If you really want an ankle weight that will help you to workout and intensify your workout in the long run then you can safely choose any one of the ones we have mentioned above. All of the ankle weights and wrist weights we have mentioned are the best ankle weights in their own right.

You should waste no more time. Get started with the ankle weight exercises and build muscles to reach your fitness goals.
You are going to get a sweet deal from Amazon. And we have linked all of the ankle weights to Amazon. It will help you to save money as you reach your fitness goals.

What a great way to get fit, right?

If you still want to learn more about ankle weights then please check out our buyer’s guide on ankle weights.


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