Like most of the NordicTrack fitness equipment, the NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill is totally feature-rich. And it is also one of the best treadmills that you can get at its price range. The NordicTrack C590 pro folding treadmill is compatible with Google maps and it also has support for iFit membership. However, if you consider the treadmill then you can say that this is an entry-level treadmill. It is suited for beginners. You are going to get great value if you purchase the NordicTrack C 590 treadmill. In the article of NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmil review you are going to get all the details that you need.

NordicTrack C 590 Pro Treadmil Review

The NordicTrack C 590 is powered by using a 2.6 CHP motor. It also has great workout programming features. There are a total of 20 workout programs embedded into the console of the treadmill. These workout programs have been classified into categories like calorie and interval.

You can even use iFit subscription membership with the NordicTrack C 590 treadmill. There are even options for you to connect Google Maps. If you do connect Google maps then you can customize your own exercises on the treadmill. You can literally simulate any terrain on the face of the earth for doing your exercises. While running on the treadmill you will feel that the deck is automatically adjusting it for the route. There is no need for you to do anything.

If you want to use iFit then you will need a Wi-Fi connection. For integrating Google maps you are also going to need an internet connection. If you get the iFit basic membership with this NordicTrack treadmill then a total of four people can use it. So you can use it with your family members as well. In the wrong turn, it is going to help you to keep your family members motivated about doing exercises. The NordicTrack C 590 will not only keep you healthy but also keep your family healthy.

Your family or you might feel that doing exercises in your home can be a bit boring. However, this misconception will be totally removed by the NordicTrack C 590 treadmill. Because there are ways for you to challenge your family members by using iFit. You can set up fitness goals with your friends and family members and crush them totally.

You can train highly intensely by using the treadmill. The maximum speed of the operation of the treadmill is 10 mph. So it is not actually suitable if you are looking for a treadmill to run very fast on it. You can do your jogging on the treadmill the. The running surface of the treadmill has enough space for you to move your elbows very freely while you run on the treadmill.

Even if you have the only intention of walking on the treadmill there will be enough space for you. If you have it all family member they can also be comfortable working out on the treadmill.


  • The treadmill is low priced and can be delivered for free to your home.
  • You can connect the treadmill with iFit. So you will be able to access an unlimited number of the workout.
  • There are a total of 20 building workout programs with the treadmill. All of them are going to help you with calorie burn and reach your fitness goals.
  • The maximum incline that you can achieve with the treadmill is 10%.
  • You will have full control of the cushioning system. As there are two levels of cushioning.
  • There are many ways to access your data on the physical workout from the treadmill.
  • The treadmill has heart rate grip sensors. These are going to help you to get data about your heart rate from the treadmill.
  • You can even connect the wireless chest strap heart rate monitors. These devices are pretty much well known for being able to transmit accurate data.
  • There are options for you to listen to music from the acoustic speakers of the treadmill. Each of these speakers is 2 inches long. All that you have to do is connect your iPod or MP3 player with the console of the treadmill.
  • The treadmill features a safety magnet for the auto stop.
  • You will be able to save a lot of space in your home just by folding up the treadmill.


  • When you press on the scan function, the NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill will not show all of the data fields.
  • The running track of the NordicTrack C 590 is 18” wide. So it might not be large enough for the tall and heavy people.
  • The running belt of the treadmill is not as strong as the premium quality treadmills.
  • You are going to enjoy a short warranty of 1 year on both parts and labor cost.


From here we are going to get into a lot of details about the NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill review. It is a great treadmill for you if you are into jogging. The treadmill offers a good motor for driving the treadmill. However, the motor is not enough power that it will let you sprint.

There are options for you to connect iFit coach with the treadmill. You can enjoy the music and also power incline features of treadmill C 590. These NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill specs set the treadmill apart from other low budget treadmills.

Workout programs

The NordicTrack C 590 treadmill has workout programs that can control the runway speed and incline system of the treadmill. You are going to get a total of 20 workout programs integrated with the treadmill. They have been designed for helping you to reach your fitness goals very efficiently.

If you purchase an iFit subscription then you will have access to unlimited downloads of workouts. There are opportunities for you to travel all throughout the world just from the comfort of your home. As you will be able to connect to Google Maps for creating your own running track.

Each of the workout program integrated with the treadmill has a maximum speed of 10 mph. The treadmill deck automatically tilt itself for simulating the real-life running track.

All of the workout programs that are included with the treadmill where are created by the certified fitness professionals. These workout programs have different sets of goals. Some of them were designed for calorie burn interval training intensity. While some were designed for you to gain endurance. You can focus on your own fitness goals by improving yourself.

If you want to access Google maps then you need the mobile app for iFit. Then use it to connect to the C590 Pro treadmill from NordicTrack. There are also options for you to connect it via Bluetooth.

NordicTrack C 590 Pro Features

The NordicTrack C 590 model treadmill is powered by a 2.6 CHP motor. It can drive the treadmill at speeds up to 10 mph.

The power incline settings of the treadmill can range from 0% to 10%. And when you use a workout program then the speed and incline setting can be automated. So when you do the work out there is no need for you to change any setting. It is going to help you to concentrate on your exercises. However, there is also OneTouch button built in the console of the treadmill. This button will allow you to control both the speed and incline with the touch of a button.

You can easily check your workout statistics from a 5 inch wide LCD display. When you press on the scan, you will be able to select which data you want to be read out. These data would be the number of calories per hour, the number of calories burnt, distance covered, speed of running, heart rate pulse.

There are options for you to check your heart rate from the sensors at the handle. Or you can also connect a wireless chest strap with the treadmill. However, it is sold separately. Forgetting a reading from the heart rate sensor you need to touch it for at least 15 seconds. Only then you are going to get the data that you want.

The running surface of the treadmill is 18 inches wide and 55 inches long. It is good enough for you to jog or walk on it. The tread belt of the treadmill is a single ply belt. And 1.6-inch diameter rollers are used for rolling the belt.

There are options for you to turn off or on the cushioning of the deck. So you can actually get the feeling of running on a concrete road or you can also get the feeling of running on the soft gentle surface.

It is possible for you to fold up the treadmill when you are not using it. This feature is going to open up a lot of space in your home. There are also wheels at the base of the treadmill.

The NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill weight limit is 300 lbs. So anyone in your family and use the treadmill very easily. As the maximum user with capacity is very robust.

You might have to assemble the treadmill after you purchase it. The assembling process is very much easy. All that you have to do is follow all of the instructions on NordicTrack C 590 Pro treadmill manual.


If you purchase a NordicTrack C 590 treadmill then you are going to enjoy a lifetime warranty on the frame of the treadmill. There are also 25 years of warranty on the motor of the treadmill. Additionally, you can also enjoy a whole year of warranty on parts and labor. Also if you do not like the treadmill you can simply take your money back within the 30 days of purchasing the treadmill.


The NordicTrack C 590 is an impressive treadmill that you are going to love. You can purchase it at a very low price. You are seeking the premium options then this might just be the cheapest one.

So here we conclude our NordicTrack C 590 reviews. The treadmill offers a wide range of features that most of the low priced treadmill fails to deliver. It is suggested that you get this treadmill if your target is to walk or do jogging on the treadmill. As you can probably understand it is not suitable for running.

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However, if you are confused about what you are looking for in a treadmill, then you should check out our treadmill buyers guide. There we discuss each and everything that you need to consider before you purchase the best treadmill for yourself. We help you to make sure that your investment is totally secured and sure to give you a high return.