The ProForm brand is an industry leader of manufacturing high-quality treadmills and other fitness equipment. Their mission is to help you to get fit and live a healthy life. Here in this article, we have the ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill review. It will help you to decide if the treadmill is a good fit for your home.

The ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill is stupid simple to use. However, it is fully loaded with the features that you would want in a good treadmill. If you are willing to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals then you should get the treadmill. You are going to be able to lose weight fast and maintain your health for the long term.

Even though the ProForm Pro 1000 is fully loaded with features, it is a user-friendly treadmill. Anyone who has never even used a treadmill before can use it.

ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

Without any further due let’s get into the details of the treadmill.


Technical details

The ProForm Pro 1000 can be folded up when not in use. As a result, you will be able to save some space in your home. The treadmill is also a good fit for the studio apartments. You can also use the ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill in a small corner of your home.

Here are some of the additional features that you need to consider before purchasing ProForm 1000 treadmill.

  • The width of the treadmill track is 20 inches and has a length of 60 inches.
  • 79.62” X 36.63” X 59.25” are the overall dimensions of the treadmill.
  • The maximum user weight capacity of the treadmill is 325 pounds.
  • When shipped the treadmill weighs about 250 pounds.
  • The power source of the treadmill is an AC adaptor.

There are technical features that you need to consider ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill. If you do not do it then you might not have the greatest possible experience from the treadmill.

Like as if the treadmill is too small or too big for your home. So go through all of the technical features that we have listed above.

Trainer Features

The trainer features are very important. In ProForm 1000 they are going to help you to lose weight.

The treadmill ProForm Pro 1000 is very much compatible with iFit technology. However, you need to have a membership subscription to be able to use it.

It is very easy to track your workout’s progress from the treadmill. You can even get advice on wellness and nutrition. The iFit make sure that you never get bored while you workout.

Integration of Google maps is supported. So that you can create your own route on the treadmill. The settings of the treadmill are going to adjust itself to match the route that you have chosen to run on.

There is a workout fan that is going to keep you cool and very comfortable while you run on the treadmill. As a result, you are never going to get very much uncomfortable while you run on ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill.

You are going to get details about your heart rate from the treadmill. As it will read out the data. The ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill takes reading about your heart rate from the pulse sensor. You can also determine the calorie burn and how long you have been working out and also stayed in your target heart rate zone.

You can enjoy a total of 22 built-in workout programs. These are already preset into the ProForm Pro 1000. The workouts were designed by the certified fitness professionals. If you do these training programs you are going to reach your fitness goals even faster.

Computer Features

The console has a 6-inch backlit display. You can easily read the data from it. These data from the treadmill will help you to improve yourself.

There are also options for you to connect chest strap with the console. The chest straps for heart rate monitoring provides accurate data. It will help you to enhance your workout experience even more.

You can enjoy your music from the playlist after connecting your MP3 player or smart device to the acoustic speaker. This speaker from the sound system of the console is of high quality. You are simply going to love it.

The Workout

You can workout on your whole body with the help of this treadmill. However, even if you do a highly intense workout, it will be very comfortable for you.

A 3.0 CHP Mach Z Commercial motor is used for driving the treadmill. You can run for a very long time on the treadmill. And it is going to cause no harm to the motor of the treadmill.

The motor of the treadmill can handle a high level of stress. You can run on it very comfortably. There will be no need for you to think that if the motor can keep up with your speed.

The runway of the treadmill has ProShox Cushioning. It is a high-quality technology that is used in the deck of the treadmill. The questioning helps to reduce the stress that your joints and muscles feel when you run.

The impact that your joints and muscles feel is reduced by 28% because of the cushioning. As a result, there is a very low chance of injuring your muscle while running. Also, your joints are going to remain healthy in the long run.

The ProForm Pro 1000 has one-touch automated incline system. You can easily enable it just by pressing it. The effect of pressing the one-touch automated incline is immediate. It is also automated so you do not have to do anything after pressing the button.

The ProForm Pro 1000 is totally compatible with iFit technology. So whenever you choose a workout the treadmill will shift its speed and incline according to the requirement.

The iFit has many workouts which are totally awesome and are going to help you to reach your fitness goals. You can concentrate on those workouts without even thinking of the setting of your treadmill.

The treadmill also allows you to create your own interval training can create your own interval training program with that touch speed and buttons for incline.

Speed & Incline

The ProForm Pro 1000 offers 12% incline at maximum. Given the cost of the treadmill that you can purchase it at this price is very much justifiable. Most of the treadmill which is at this price range offers 10% incline.

You can easily run on the treadmill at speeds of 12 mph. it might not be the speed the most advanced athletes run at. However, it is a great running speed for the people who are getting started. The ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill has a top speed of 12 mph.

Warranty Coverage

You can enjoy the frame and motor warranty of a lifetime with the purchase of ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill. There are also three years warranty on replacement parts. And to sweet and the pot ProForm offers 1 year of warranty on labor cost.

The offering of warranty from ProForm for the Pro 1000 is very much standard.

Shipping & Assembly

You are not going to get any home assembly or set up service with the purchase of this treadmill. So you will have to do it on your own after you purchase it.

But assembling the treadmill is very easy. You can do it on your own. The ProForm Pro 1000 manual is going to walk you through all of the steps that you need to take for assembling.

Most of the assembling is done. All that you have to do is just put some stuff up. That’s all.

The customer service is also amazing. They are always eager to answer each and every question that you have about the treadmill.

Installing the console seems to be the only part where you need help from the instruction list. Other than that it is very easy to even do it without following the manual. But before you start the treadmill you need to connect the power cord.


  • There are a total of 22 built-in workout programs into the treadmill. All of them are going to help you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • You will be in total control of your workout. As there are one-touch incline options. Everything will be under your control when you workout so there is no need for you to worry about injuries.
  • There is a cushioning system at the deck of the treadmill. It will minimize the impact that your joints and muscles feel.
  • You can enjoy excellent quality music from the acoustic speakers of the treadmill. All you have to do is connect your smart device to the console of the treadmill.
  • There is a fan on the treadmill for you to stay chilled when you workout. So you are never going to feel uncomfortable during your sprint.
  • If you purchase the treadmill from ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill Amazon you will get 3-year parts warranty and one year of warranty on labor cost.
  • When you are done with your workout you can simply fold it up. It has a hydraulic lift system. So it is going to require you very less effort when you lift the treadmill.


  • The rollers of the ProForm Pro 1000 is not as large as other models.
  • You will have to lubricate the rollers of the treadmill regularly. Or else they might get jammed in the long run.
  • You cannot use the treadmill for a public gym. It is intended only for the home gym.
  • The grip pulse sensors are not accurate. So it is suggested that you use a chest strap heart rate monitor for getting the best results.


You should purchase the ProForm Pro 1000 if you are just getting started with fitness training. Because it has all of the basic features that you would need. It does lack some features that premium treadmills have however you are never going to use them when you are just getting started.

Folding the treadmill is very easy. There are many built-in programs and features on the console for an interesting workout forever. Yes, this treadmill can be used for a very long time because of the lifetime warranty on frame and motor.

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