The ProForm Power 995i treadmill is a piece of amazing exercise equipment for you to get started exercising with. You are going to enjoy all of the great features that come with the treadmill at a very affordable cost. Even though it may cost less this does not mean that the treadmill is of low quality. The ProForm Power 995i is surely a high-quality reliable treadmill. It has been built strongly to last a very long time. In this article, we are going to give an honest ProForm Power 995i treadmill review. We are going to go down to each and every detail that you need to know about ProForm Power 995i treadmill before you purchase it.

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill Review

A 3.0 CHP motor is used for powering the treadmill. You can enjoy 15 percent when you purchase the ProForm 995i. While working out on the treadmill you are never going to feel that the treadmill lacks power.

The running surface of the treadmill is large enough. It is 20 inches wide and 60 inches long. So it will be very comfortable for you to run on the treadmill. There is enough room for you to move your elbows and take long strides when you run.

The treadmill has shock absorbers on the runway. It was developed by using ProShox cushioning technology. So that your ankles feel very less impact when you run. And your joints are also going to remain safe as well.

ProForm Power 995i treadmill is very pleasant to work out on. We met that you have read it in other ProForm Power 995i folding home treadmill reviews but here we will share how it actually feels.

The treadmill has 30 pre-programmed workouts added to the console. It is going to make your workout routine more versatile.

On the console, there are 7-inch backlit display. It helps you to handle most of the workout applications.

The ProForm Power 995i is totally enabled with iFit. By using the future you will be able to compete with other people who also enjoy running on the treadmill by using iFit.

You will never get bored while running on the treadmill. Not only the ProForm Power Treadmill powered by iFit but it also excels at entertainment. The treadmill has two speakers for you to listen to music while you workout. The music can easily be played from your iPod, smartphone or MP3 player.

You can easily fold up the ProForm Power 995i exercise treadmill when you are done with your work out. The treadmill has been designed with space saver technology. It also has easy lift technology integrated with it. So that you face no difficulty with you fold up the treadmill.

The ProForm 995i treadmill has a CoolAire workout fan. It keeps your cool and chilled when you run on the treadmill. you are not going to feel bad that you do during intense exercises when there is nothing to keep your chilled.

You can keep track of your heart rate from the console of the treadmill. There is EKG grip pulse at the handle of the treadmill. All that you have to do is grip the places and the readings of your heart rate will be taken.

You are going to enjoy an amazing lifetime warranty on both the frame and motor of the treadmill. There are also 3 years of warranty on spare parts and one year of warranty on labor cost.


Technical Details

The ProForm Power 995i folding treadmill is quite popular in the fitness world. It has been taken care of by the manufacturers for upgrades in years. So that the treadmill can stay with the trend.

The technical features of the treadmill are going to enhance your comfortable why you workout on the treadmill.

The main features of the treadmill are:

  • The width of the treadmill is 32 inches and the width of the deck belt is 20 inches.
  • The length of the treadmill is 87.5 inches. While the length of the day is 60 inches.
  • The total depth of the treadmill is 14 inches.
  • The maximum user weight capacity of the treadmill is 350 pounds.
  • When you purchase the treadmill it weighs about 224 pounds.
  • An AC adaptor will be included with the purchase for using with a power source.

When you see all of these amazing features in front of you, you are going to love ProForm Power 995i treadmill. The experience of running this treadmill is truly mesmerizing.

Trainer Features

There are EKG grip pulses at the handle of the treadmill. These sensors are very accurate and very sensitive when you touch them.

The treadmill has iFit enabled. So you can use it with Google maps for creating your own workouts. You can select any workout that you want with the platform. The treadmill will adjust each and every setting like incline and speed automatically according to the terrain.

There are also a total of 30 workout programs which has been preset into the treadmill. These were created by the top fitness professionals in the world. You will lose a lot of weight and tone up your muscle if you follow these workouts.

You can keep your tablet and smartphone on the tablet holder. As a result, you will be able to watch movies while you run on the treadmill. So you are never going to get bored while running on the treadmill.

You will be easily able to connect your MP3 player iPod with the acoustic speakers of ProForm 995i treadmill. These speakers have great sound quality that is going to blow your mind.

You can stay chilled while you run on the treadmill. Because there is a CoolAire workout fan on the treadmill. It will provide you with a calm breeze. As a matter of fact, there are also two settings for the fan. So it will be a good fit for your treadmill and use it anywhere you want.

Computer Features

There are a lot of features that ProForm PFTL99715 Power 995i treadmill offers. And you are going to love them all. Because the features are very user-friendly. So anyone from young people to the elderly ones who are not that good at using computer can use it.

The Power 995i has an LED display. It is very much instant and bright. You can get all sorts of data about your health that the sensors of the treadmill take.

The computer is totally compatible with iFit and iPod takes its capabilities to a whole another level.

The Workout

The ProForm Power 995i is powered by using a 3.0 CHP Mach Z commercial grade motor. Even though the matter is powerful it is very silent. As a result, you can expect to get a steady and reliable performance from the treadmill.

One of the top features of ProForm Power 995i that it has 2.5-inch precision non-flex rollers that have ProShox Cushioning. these features are going to help you to recover faster and will also reduce your risk of getting injured while running on the treadmill. Your joints are going to feel almost no stress when you run on the surface of the running deck.

The 30 preset workouts of the treadmill were designed to help you to build strength. You also never going to get bored working out on the treadmill because there are enough workouts to keep you feel challenged.

You can easily change the incline of the treadmill up to 15%. It can be set up for building maximum muscle mass as the resistance for workouts will increase.

The maximum speed of the treadmill is 12 mph. It is a great speed for the people who are veteran marathon runners and also for the beginners at just getting started. Because the speed of the treadmill can be practical is it used with the price of quick speed button.

Well, you cannot put up the excuse that you do not have space to keep the treadmill in your home. Because the treadmill has been designed with space saving design. As a result, you will not be using up a lot of space in your home because of the treadmill.

It is very easy to lift up the folding part of the treadmill. Because EasyLift technology has been integrated with the deck of the treadmill. So it is not going to require much effort to put off the treadmill.


The warranty that you get with the purchase of ProForm Power 995i treadmill is pretty much standard. As you are going to get a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the treadmill. Which is actually very amazing.

It also has a maximum of 3 years of warranty on the additional and spare parts of the treadmill. It does not end here. You can enjoy a whole year of warranty on the labor cost of the treadmill.

Shipping and Assembly

The shipping cost of ProForm Power 995i is going to marry depending on where you want it to be delivered.

You have to do the basic assembly of the treadmill when it is delivered to you. This assembling is very much straight forward. It should not take you more than a couple of hours.

For assembling the treadmill you are going to need hex key, adjustable wrench, and screwdriver. Sometimes this might be included with the purchase. However, do not rely on it.

All the instructions for assembling the treadmill is given in ProForm Power 995i treadmill manual. All you have to do is just follow the instructions step by step. If you do that it is going to be a piece of cake for you. However, it is suggested that you take the help of a friend while assembling the treadmill.


  • There are a total of 30 preset workouts that are included with the treadmill. All of these are going to help you to reach your personal fitness goals easily.
  • The 995i treadmill has been designed with EasyLift technology. So anyone can easily take away the treadmill when it is not being used. As it is very easy to lift.
  • Anti-shock technologies have been integrated with the deck of the treadmill. So anyone can minimize their risk of getting injured by working out on this very treadmill.
  • The commercial grade motor of the treadmill has been built very strongly. So it is going to last a long time. As a matter of fact, you are going to have a lifetime warranty on the motor.


  • You cannot improve the hand grip heart rate monitor to a chest strap heart rate monitor for better accuracy of the reading.


We dearly hope that you liked our ProForm 995i treadmill review. All of the details about the treadmill that you need to know before purchasing it were presented.

If you are interested to lose weight and tone up your muscles then this is an amazing treadmill. It is great for anyone who is getting started with their workout or wants to train for a marathon.

The treadmill is jam-packed with all the features that you would expect in a premium treadmill. These features are words each and every penny. There are also other treadmills which are at this price range however those might not have the same features.

So you should go ahead and get yourself ProForm Power 995i treadmill powered by iFit.