Heart rate monitors can track your heart rate. That sounds simple. As the name of the device gives it away. But these are special heart rate monitors that measure your heart rate when you are training. We listed and review on How to choose heart rate monitor with all Heart Rate Monitor Buying Guide for you.

Heart Rate Monitor: How To Choose Best Heart Rate Monitor

While you workout it is very important to keep track of your growth. Especially your heart rate. It is directly related to the cardiovascular muscles that you build up. And heart rate monitors shows you your heart rate per minute. The heart rate data of a heart rate monitor is displayed real time in a small device like a wristwatch.

The heart rate monitors have become popular because it allows you to stay within the limit of heart rate you want to maintain. So, that you can get the maximum benefits from your workouts to your fitness goals.

You will be able to remain at the sweet spot of your heart rate limit. So that you do not get fatigued. Also, you will not do a too much less intense workout. That it will not help you to build muscle or lose weight.

You can set your targeted heart rate zones on fitness trackers. As a result, it will tell you to workout more intense when you need to. And also tell you when you need to slow down. It is all done according to your settings. The heart rate zone that you must select depends on various factors. Such as your fitness level, age, and training goals.

Professional athletes change the tracking zones for different workouts to get an accurate reading of heart rate. So, that they can get the most out of their workout.

Such as if you are willing to lose weight your targeted heart rate zone will be different from someone who is willing to gain muscles. Some interval training programs include short and (highly) intense workout. These workouts are generally meant for weight loss. But unlike normal cardio, they do not last long. They are also called Tabata workout.

The main target of your heart rate monitor is to get you out of your comfort zone. But also help you to not burn yourself out. So, that you can get the most out of workouts within the shortest amount of time.
No matter what is your training goal there is a perfect heart rate monitor for you out there. And choosing that is more difficult than choosing your life partner.

That is why we have created this heart rate monitor buying guide for you. So that you can choose the best heart rate monitor for yourself. After you are done with this buying guide you will know how to choose heart rate monitor that is perfect for your needs.

Let’s talk about the matter about how to stay in the zone that you must during your workouts. As you need to use the heart rate monitor to stay in the zone which is going to be the most efficient for you.

Heart Rate Zones

There is three target zone for you during the workout. We are going to go through every zone and their limits and how they are going to help to reach your goals.

Warm-Up Zone

This is the zone which you must before you actually start your real workout. The purpose of this zone is to get you to the point where all your muscles are flowing with the blood to give the most output.
At this point, your heart rate should stay at about 50 to 60. This is elevated than the normal heart rate of yours at rest.

If you are a beginner it is suggested that you stay within this range. Because it reduces the risk of you getting injured.

You can also reduce your excess fat in this zone. It will even help you to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Probabilities of you having degenerative diseases are also going to fall.
However, different zones of workout have their own benefits. And we are going discuss those zones now.

Fat burning Zone

At this point, your heart races at sixty to seventy rates per minute. You will be using more energy than you would be using in warmup zone.

Cardio Zone

Cardio Zone is the zone which you can stay for long and maintain that heart rate. But the heart rate has to be higher than the fat burning zone. Your heart rate should be seventy-five to eighty percentage of its maximum in this zone. You will have to burn a lot more calories. Also build some lean muscles during this workout.

Like if you are running you will build up your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Features of Heart Rate Monitor buying guide

Let’s talk about the features that you need to look for in heart rate monitors.

Target Zones

The very basic models offer at least three target Zones. While some advanced ones might offer up to size target Zones.

With the models that offer a high number of target zones, you can target various workout programs. You can target various programs specifically for endurance, anaerobic variety and aerobic.

If the heart monitor that is best for you allows you to set one target zone then you will have to reprogram it every time before you change to an exercise program.

Sport Watch

These are basic features like clock, alarm, calendars and countdown timers for a workout.

Stopwatch and Split/Lap Timers

If you run you can keep track of your laps with this option.

You can keep a point marked at a circuit where you are running. And after you get back to the point you can keep track of the time taken for each lap. A lap is completed when you come back around the circuit to the starting point.

Recovery Heart Rate Mode

This is the feature that tracks how much time your heart has taken to recover to its normal beating rate. You will be able to keep track of recovery heart rate. And use this over time to see if your cardiovascular muscles have improved with time.

Time in Target Zone

Sometimes you need to stay longer in a target zone because of the program’s demand. And this feature will help you in such situations. You will be able to measure how much time you have spent in a target zone.

Calorie counter

Just as the name sounds it counts how much calories you have burned.

Suppose you have been running over an hour. And you have maintained your heart rate in the zone.

Now you want to know how much energy you have burnt. And this very feature will help you to check how many calories you have burned while running.

Speed and Distance monitor

You will be able to calculate and measure the distance you covered over a time period during your workout.

Most of the times this type of trackers use GPS so that it can be used outdoors. And these also might have foot pads. These foot pads measure the distance covered by your feet during running.

Digital interface

It helps you to connect your heart rate monitor to your computer at home. You can also connect these models of heart rate monitor with your phone.

This way a data logger keeps a record of all the data of your heart. It will even use statistics to show you graphs that proves you have improved your health.

You can also brag about your results by sharing the data with your friends and family. Also, you can show this data to your doctor if you have physical problems that need to be improved.


This is an amazing feature. Some prefer it and some do not like it.

You can use your heart rate monitor band to text, receive calls, reply to push notifications from your phone, and even use social media. You will be able to do all of this during your workout without touching your phone. It is very convenient.

But it can also distract you from your workout. It is a double-edged sword which you need to use wisely.

Fitness Trainer

Just as the name says it works as your fitness trainer. This is a special feature that you do not find in all heart rate monitors.

This feature suggests you about your workout intensity. So that you do not go above or below your workout program’s targeted heart rate zone.

Coded Transmitter

This feature uses encryption technology to encrypt the data being transmitted from the heart rate monitor to your phone or wristband.

You need this feature so that the signal does not overlap with other signals like WiFi signals. Or else if this is not there then the data might get manipulated by other signals. These are the most accurate heart rate monitor.

Sport-specific features

This feature has a specific feature set for a very specified workout.

Like if you choose the one with cycling features. Then it will show you how much speed you are cycling at. Same goes for swimming. There are sport specific features for swimmers as well. It counts your number of stroke against water.

Battery Replacement

Heart rate monitors run on battery. This is not news to you.

But some have non-replaceable batteries. If the battery runs out you will not be able to replace the battery. As a result, you will have to pay a hefty price to the manufacturer for replacing the battery (which only they can do).

Look for heart rate monitors that have removable replaceable batteries. It will help you to save money in the long run.

Which is the Best Heart Rate Monitor for you?

Heart rate monitors typically have a sensor on the chest. And it is connected to a unit which displays the data. The sensors check your heart rate and send the data to the display unit. Then the display unit displayed the data the heart rate monitor has measured.

You can even store the data as much as you want. Later you can analyze it for checking your performance improvements. Further analyzing of data allows you to bring out your peak performance on the next workout session.

Some heart rate monitors may not function the way we have mentioned above. Because heart rate monitors can have various looks and forms. But because of the function it provides, it might be called a heart rate monitor.

The main purpose of the heart rate monitor is to measure accurate reading of your heart beats and display them. Some heart rate monitor even displays data on your phone. Not on your wristwatch.

Then there are also heart rate monitors that do not have chest strap monitors. Instead, they are just a wristwatch. You wear the watch and it records your heart rate and displays the data on the watch.

Let’s take a look at the types of heart rate monitors that you can buy.

Chest strap monitors

These models come with a strap that you need to wear on the chest. They generally connect wireless through Bluetooth.

It can easily connect to your phone or wristwatch or smartwatch. And transmit data that is needed.


Chest strap monitors are highly efficient at providing heart-rate readings. You can easily move freely wearing the chest strap monitors. You can even play sports like a basketball while wearing it. Or even do Zumba.

Some professional athletes prefer this type of heart rate monitor. Because they are quite efficient and are usable in many conditions.


Your chest needs to be wet with sweat when you use this heart rate monitor. Well, it does not necessarily have to be your sweat. It can also be your saliva or any conductive gel or liquid.

One of these models don’t connect to wristwatch but to iPhone only. This can be annoying to people who leave their phone during a workout. If you carry your phone during the workout then this should not be a concern to you.

Touch-Type Wristwatch

You need to touch these devices to get a reading. They can be worn just like your wristwatch.


You don’t have to wear a chest strap. If you do not like to what chest strap this is a big upside for you.


This is very much distracting to use during any workout.

Like if you are cycling and you need to check heart rate. If you concentrate on the wristwatch you might even lose balance and fall down.

Before you take the reading of heart rate you will have to make the back of the watch wet. The medium for wetting your wristwatch can be saliva, water or a conductive gel.

Continuous Reading Wristwatch

This is a newer model of heart rate monitor device. They provide you with continuous reading without the help of a chest strap.

Just as it sounds these heart rate monitors are more technologically advanced than other heart rate monitors.

You need to wear the wristwatch above your wristbone. That is the place where you would usually wear a watch. Wearing it at the place will give you a more accurate reading.


They provide continuous readings of your heartbeat. Without any assistance from a chest strap. These generally work for most types of workouts.

It is easier to take a reading than Touch-Type Wristwatch which we had discussed above.


You need to pay a higher price for good stuff. We bet that you already know that.

As these continuous reading wristwatches are better than the others they cost more.

Some of this type of heart rate monitor can lack simple features like calorie meter. But you don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is check if the one you are buying has the feature or not.


Now you should have a clear idea about what is the best heart rate monitor buying guide for yourself. We have listed all the features that they can have and the types of heart rate monitors.
Buying a heart rate monitor is totally worth your investment. As it will help you learn more about your heart. You can even avoid and prevent many heart diseases with the heart rate monitor.
Congratulations on completing our heart rate monitor buying guide. Now you know more than most people know about the best heart rate monitors.
You should know how to choose heart rate monitor now. So, don’t waste any more time and get yourself the best heart rate monitor that you need.